These regulations form the guiding principles for Tysan member conduct, and should be adhered to at all times.


You will treat anyone you play with or against with respect


You are not allowed to trick, murder or deceive people or take any item without permission of the person the item belongs to


When playing together with several people (wether it be rushing, questing or mf-ing), all participating players must reach a consensus about loot distribution before the actual gaming part begins. If a player joins in after the consensus has been reached, this player needs to be made aware of the terms. This is to avoid greed ruling these games. Any player not holding to these terms is in violation


You are responsible for any player you invite or that one of your invited friends invites into any game. You are also responsible for any and all actions made with your account(s) no matter who uses them.


We desire players who want to have fun in the games and/or wish to get better through experience. We do not encourage “money maps” and similar maps for Blizzard strategy games.


No matter your rank (elected or otherwise), achievements or game prowess, you must always treat another person with equal respect


You are obliged to be active. While we do not actively monitor activity on or any other supported online gaming environment, you are required to log into the website every now and then and to participate in discussions and such. All members must log in at least once every 14 days, unless they are in vacation mode, which expands the grace period to 60 days. Retired members have a grace period of 1 year.


You are not allowed to kill another player’s character, unless that player gives you permission (ie duels and on PVP servers where the other player is an obvious enemy), or in self-defense when you did not declare hostility


While it is perfectly acceptable to disagree with one another on matters both clan-related and personal, no member of Tysan is allowed to sow discord within the clan.


Under no circumstance is any member or forum user allowed to post images of or link to material that could be considered pornographic. This includes any display of breasts, genitals or buttocks. When in doubt, don’t post it.


You are not allowed to be a member of another clan that plays any of our supported games, unless as specified by the Charter, and unless it is a separate game or modification of the supported game which is substantially different, and which Tysan does not support.


When on our Discord server, on a gaming server we sponsor or control, or on our website, you are required to speak English, and by English we do not mean any of the degraded forms like 1337 or “coo gimme ur itams”.

We also request that you do not use profanity or vulgar and suggestive language.


Tysan is a peaceful gaming community, not a powerhouse of thugs ready to jump at the first chance of blood. Anyone seeking to open hostilities with any clan or individual will be banished.


You are not allowed to use programs or tools that alter the gameplay in any way (this includes ANY Map Hack), or interact with the server in a way not intended by the game developers (the only exception being channel moderation by designated people). The usage of hacked, bugged and/or duped items is also prohibited - if you suspect your items to be duped, destroy them. Simplest way to find out if they are hacked or bugged is to look up the item on one of the many websites that offer item descriptions. If you are given something that does not look right or has something wrong with it destroy it. In case of doubt post the question on the forum. The usage of warez and CD-Key generators is also prohibited and will be punished as hack usage. What you do offline with your games is your own business just do not bring anything to online gameplay that is hacked, duped, bugged or prohibited. In addition, members are not allowed to promote the use of programs or tools covered by this regulation.


Four score and an earl of sadwhich ago, our fore fathers brought forth a new BLT upon this land. Rich In bacon and lettuce and tomato with enough mayo to go down smoothly. With that in mind, ask not what your clan can do for you, but what you can do for your clan…..