Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find answers to questions that get asked a lot.

Who started all this?

We don’t know his real name, though his alias was (TYC)Blayde, and he allegedly created Tysan in December 1997. None of our existing members have ever met him, and he has become something of a mythical person. A far less mythical founding figure was Tadrith, who some of our existing members have actually gamed with.

Tysan in its current form is the result of years of evolution and reorganization.

There’s no way your clan is that old

That’s not a question.

Okay, okay, were you really founded in 1997?

The honest answer is we’re not entirely sure, though we do use December 1997 as the basis for anniversaries. Our site has mentioned 1997 as our founding year since at least 2000, though it also mentioned 1999 as the date Tysan was “refounded”. We have confirmed that Tysan was active in 1999 through old posts by members on the Clan Hall forum, and those members were still there when Prospero joined in 2001 (and he’s still here).

We’ve had two people visit our forums who claimed to have been part of Tysan in 1997 or 1998.

On the other hand, our friends from the Defenders of Camelot (who are definitely older than us) are adamant that Tysan did not exist prior to 1999.

Either way, we’ve been here over twenty years.

How do I join?

We’ll let you know when we figure out a new process for this site.

Hey, I used to have rank X back in the day, can I get it back?

No. Besides, we more or less abolished our ranking system

Why does your site have a Minecraft background?

Minecraft is one of the games we still play, this is a picture of Prospero’s castle on our previous server. If you have a better background, feel free to suggest it on our Discord server.

Who designed this site?

That would be Prospero.

Would he be interested in an updated design?

Certainly! Feel free to suggest it on Discord.

What happened to your old site?

It was archived in favor of this one. We were barely using the old site, and could no longer justify the expenses of keeping it up. Should we experience unexpected growth and need it again, we can always relaunch it.